Our Investment Process

The lengthy experience and varied backgrounds of our Firm's senior professionals includes both direct fund sponsor responsibilities and hands-on investment management as either analysts or fund managers. We believe that our principal competitive advantage is the quality and professionalism of our senior professionals. Their collective experience has resulted in the development of an asset consulting philosophy and approach that is premised on meeting the needs of our clients in four critical areas: risk control, value added, innovation and accountability.

Risk Control

Our primary objective is the protection of principal and therefore, we employ a complete risk management framework to assist in overseeing a client's invested assets. We begin by setting an investment policy. Through this process, we examine the client's needs and work with the client to establish an overall risk tolerance and capital market expectation customized to fit the client's risk parameters. Next, we select individual asset classes and, using our proprietary risk and return software as well as our capital market experience, formulate a well diversified and researched management structure. Through the use of the Firm's proprietary downside risk models, we aim to maximize potential returns based on the client's risk tolerance.

Value Added

As investment strategists, we focus on achieving actual fund results that exceed the benchmark - creating value added. We are unique in that we bring a single clear recommendation for a plan of action which represents the best ideas of our Firm. We believe that adding value is a difficult job, and that only the best ideas should be recommended and implemented. This is in contrast to many of our competitors, who bring you a range of options for portfolio construction, which lacks conviction.


By definition, creating added value means having a portfolio that differs from the benchmark. Based on our research, we are committed to making timely and specific recommendations regarding portfolio construction. Every client's needs are different, but when suitable with client comfort levels, recommended portfolios often include the innovative use of non-traditional asset classes and strategies.


We focus on becoming part of the client's investment team. While many consultants provide information and advice, we bring a team approach to our client relationships. In this team environment, we consider ourselves to be accountable for the clients' results.