Since its inception in 1994, Advisory Capital has remained independent, thereby avoiding all conflicts of interest because the Firm provides asset consulting to institutional clients. Because it has no other affiliations and is owned by its professionals, Advisory Capital's only source of revenue is derived from its institutional clients. The Firm is uncompromising about its ethics, integrity and reputation. We understand that first and foremost we have a duty to our clients. To earn and maintain our clients' trust, we know that the spirit of doing what is right and best for our clients is pivotal. Ethics and integrity must never be compromised by the Firm or by any member of our team. Since inception, we have never accepted payment from anyone other than our fund sponsor clients. Our reputation is a vital element of our Firm.

As our client relationships are typically long term in nature, we are aware that clients hold us accountable. Our approach to strategic partnering is different than our competitors who are geared to mass production. We are proud of that difference. In our role as strategic partner, we act as co-fiduciaries for our institutional clients. We believe that an effective partnership can only be formed through the development of a personal relationship and through clearly defined objectives and responsibilities. In other words, our objectives in partnering with clients include:

  • confirmation of our understanding the client's goals, operations, policies and people;
  • establishment of an efficient, responsive high quality service;
  • delivery of timely and innovative advice on the ongoing investment of a pension scheme's assets within the client's decision making processes.