Advisory Capital Group Canada Inc. ("Advisory Capital") was founded in 1994 to provide full service asset consulting to pension plans, endowment funds, foundations, insurance and capital funds. Advisory Capital provides asset consulting services to a select group of institutional clients whose assets, taken as a whole, now exceed $1 billion.

The world of investment management is dynamic and fast changing and the years ahead will undoubtedly provide many challenges and opportunities for trustees and fiduciaries of institutional funds. Advisory Capital's core purpose is to create value added for asset management and aims to develop and deliver asset management solutions that not only meet, but exceed, the highest standards. Although dynamic and competitive teams of external investment managers are retained by our institutional clients, many clients do not have the resources to adequately assess the external management team. Through its strategic partnering approach, Advisory Capital fortifies the management structure of any client by remaining closer to its external investment management team, assisting in the identification of major turns in markets critical to asset allocation and rebalancing assets when required to keep and maintain a position of enhanced performance.

Our investment professionals have many years of extensive investment management experience and, as such, have been exposed to a wide range of asset classes and different types of funds. Consequently, we bring both pragmatic and conceptual value added asset management solutions to the management of our clients' assets.

As is often the case in co-partnering with professional advisors, it is the continued presence and commitment of the individual professionals, over the long term, rather than the organization, that will make the difference in achieving your goals.